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Analysis: Is Alan Davies Getting Better at QI?


I was watching a later series of QI recently and couldn't help but notice that Alan Davies was winning quite a few episodes. That prompted me to ask the question: is Alan Davies getting better at QI?

Visualising the Worldwide Win Percentage of the Hungarian National Football Team


I've often read the advice that side projects should be solving problems or answering questions that you yourself are interested in. To that end, I've always wanted to know how well the Hungarian national team have done against various countries worldwide and to explore this question, I scraped the matches played by the Hungarian national team and made an interactive world map.

The World Map of the 2016 FIFA Awards


A mini project to visualise the votes for the 2016 FIFA Awards, to see which country voted for which player.

The Junk in Fallout 4 - a Web Scraping Tutorial


This is a short web scraping tutorial based on a script I wrote to fetch and analyse data about junk in the game Fallout 4.

Analysing London House Prices


London is expensive. So much so that it's a trope now for those of us who live here. But what does the data show? Are things getting better or worse? How did the 2008 recession affect behaviour for example? I wanted to find out. With data.

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I'm a freelance data scientist, consultant, and educator with an MSc. in Data Science and a background in software and web development. I'm a generalist; my previous roles have been a range of data science, software development, and software architecting jobs.

Things I also do:

  • I co-host the Half Stack Data Science podcast where we talk about the realities of data science in the business world
  • I've written various articles and tutorials about data science
  • I've given a selection of talks at large conferences and universities, all on similar topics of "real world data science"
  • I occasionally stream some data science over on Twitch, where I take a vague project idea, a dataset, and try to come up with an answer in about an hour, explaining the code and thought process as I go.

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