My Work

Data Science

Since my first programming job I’ve become more and more interested in data. To that end, I completed an MSc in Data Science and now work as a data scientist. I also worked on some related side projects over the years.

Data Science Learning Club

To complement my MSc studies, I was part of the Data Science Learning Club, which supplements the excellent Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast. I was also a guest on the podcast along with some fellow Club members!

Machine Learning

I’ve written about the importance of implementing machine learning algorithms to better understand them, and have been doing this myself.

So far I’ve dived into:


I also wrote some Python code that generates text using Markov chains. It “wrote” this little philosophical nugget when I fed it some Muse lyrics.

And also a mysterious Christmas cracker joke:


Software Development


In my career and in my spare time I’ve worked on a variety of software development projects from full-stack web development, to freelancing and consulting. All these full-time, freelance and consultancy jobs have all had one thing in common: the focus on using computers to do what computers are good at, leaving the people to do what humans are best at.

Previous freelance/consulting clients include: