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Visualising the Worldwide Win Percentage of the Hungarian National Football Team

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I’ve often read the advice that side projects should be solving problems or answering questions that you yourself are interested in. To that end, I’ve always wanted to know how well the Hungarian national team have done against various countries worldwide and to explore this question, I scraped the matches played by the Hungarian national team and made an interactive world map.


Visualising Decision Trees in Python

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Having an accurate machine learning model may be enough in itself, but in some cases the only way to turn it into a business decision is if you can understand why it’s getting the results it’s getting. In this short tutorial I want to show a quick way to visualise a trained decision tree in Python.


Duck Typing

 1 programming for data scientists

My first attempt to bridge the gap between the two disciplines of programming and data science, by talking about programming concepts useful for data scientists, and vice versa. Today: duck typing.


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