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London is full of tech-related meetups. As I said before, you could probably find an interesting meetup to attend every night if you wanted to.

Meetups are great for speaking to like-minded people, hearing interesting talks and getting an idea of what other people in the field are up to.

But there are so many of them that I thought I’d list a few that I’ve personally attended and would recommend for those interested in data science.

For most of these meetups, places get filled up pretty fast, so it’s worth signing up to them so you’re notified when the (free) tickets become available.


PyData London


You can guess what the focus of this meetup is: data and Python. It’s a regular, monthly meetup with a central location, interesting Python-related talks, and free beer/pizza!


DataKind UK


The UK chapter of DataKind, which is aimed at using data science for social good. The meetups are less frequent, but always very inspiring.




A meetup all about data and beer. Talks are limited to 6 minutes, which is a format that works really well. You get a good flavour of each project, and the strict time limit means you can hear more talks than at a usual meetup. Did I mention there’s beer?


London Data Science ODSC


In recent months the folks at the London Data Science were busy organising ODSC, a massive data science conference, and there are no new meetups announced at the moment, but it’s one to keep an eye out for.


HN London


This is a less data-focused meetup, more aimed at startups. However, there are always good talks and plenty of networking opportunities.


Data Bites


Last, but not least, there is Data Bites. Organised by City, University of London (where I happen to be doing my MSc) Data Bites is a series of talks from people in the industry presenting how they use data science and machine learning to solve their problems. A good complement to one’s data science studies, as it’s always good to see what “real life” data science looks like.


MK Geek Night


OK one more. Technically not a London meetup because it’s in Milton Keynes, and not a data science meetup because it covers all technology topics, but MK Geek Night is a blast, so I couldn’t not mention it. It’s a quarterly event and if you can make it out to Milton Keynes on a Thursday evening, it’ll be worth your time!


This was just a flavour of what’s out there. Some meetups are more specific than others, but there’s something for everyone and I’d encourage everyone to try attending some!


Footnote: This is the 27th entry in my 30 day blog challenge.

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